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Who is Candykiki?

Bez nazwy-12 kopia.jpg

It's me!

In 2011, I started my adventure with digital art on my little Wacom Bamboo; I fell in love with drawing and spent every day exploring the land of unlimited imagination and pastel colors!

In 2021, I started my own company CANDYKIKI.ART and now I create beautiful commissions for clients all over the world!  My favourite thing is creating magical covers for young adult books. I also want to build a safe space for all hobbyist artists who are looking for a guide to this magical, colorful world! ♥

Current collaborations:

September 2022 - now; Art Teacher in Edutransformacje (Poland)

September 2023 Book Cover for polish publishing house SQN

July/August 2023 Book Cover for dutch publishing house Moon Young Adult

May 2023 Webinar sponsored by Graphixly, Clip Studio Paint & Wacom

Thank you for your precious time!

Live deliciously! (´꒳`) ♡


You will find all my favorite

art supplies below!
Have fun (ง ื ▿ ื) ว

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