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1. Send an e-mail in which you specify your needs (order type, art style, personal/ commercial license). If you are submitting

a character request, please attach the necessary references.

Wait for a quotation

and availability

2. I reply to all messages

within 24 hours. I will specify the price for your commission and set a completion date.

Green light!

3. If you accept the terms of purchase and the completion date, I can start working on your order! I run a registered business, so I issue an invoice for all orders :)

TERMS OF SERVICE 1) General Information • You are purchasing a digital file, not printed art. • You can not claim it as your own art, give credit where credit is due. • You will receive a full resolution artwork of your commissioned piece and a 'Candykiki' watermark will still be on it. • The commission is only for PERSONAL USE, unless we have discussed a fee for commercial use. • I have the rights to decline the commission (due to its theme/short deadline/payment issues). • There are no refunds on completed artworks. • Be sure to credit me as an artist in the media you are using the commission in. For example: Youtube videos, streams or personal sites. 2) Ordering & Payment • Send a completed form to my email address Include all the information asked for, otherwise you will get an email back to re-fill it. The email template can be found at the top as well. • Payment is through paypal, you will be sent an invoice. Payment is upfront and needs to be paid in full before I start on your commission. • After we have discussed price and the commission, I will tell you that the commission is accepted and the invoice is sent. If you do not pay within 72 hours of the invoice being sent out, your commission will be cancelled. If you won't be able to pay at that time, please let me know first so we can discuss any other agreements. • The estimated waiting time is 6-12 days from the moment I start working on your illustration. If you have ordered more than one illustration or something very complex, the waiting time will increase. I will keep you updated if the commission is delayed. • If you want your piece to have priority or a close deadline, you can pay a rush-fee (+30eur). 3) Changes to your Commission • Once you receive the final piece, I can make small adjustments. This include changing colors, adding small details and other easy changes. BY COMMISSIONING ME, YOU HAVE READ AND ACCEPTED ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ABOVE.

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